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I think it would be great to have at least two predefined roles that are built into ubercart.

One for a shipping manager. This would be so when they log in, all they get to see is the ORDERS pages, and have rights to view orders, change their status, and enact workflow related to moving orders through the shipping process.

This role would restrict this person so they cannot mess up anything else with how the cart or site is structured.

The Product Manager role would only allow this person to create a new product, or update the fields in an existing product, with no access to other nodes or to the other cart config options.

I tried to create these myself, but did not achieve the level of restrictiveness I was hoping for, so I think adding it to base would be cool.

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Re: Include more Roles in base product - Shipping Mgr, Product M

Well, with Drupal hooks we can add in permissions but not roles. I agree that we should have some finer grained access control, so a helpful step in the right direction would be to get a list of changes/additions a real world user (like yourself Eye-wink) would expect to find but can't. If you have the time, I'd love to hear back on it along with anyone else running into similar problems.