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Just curious to understand the value of a Shopping Cart that does not connect to a CRM? How to do you manage orders with your CRM without integration?
Thanks in advance for your feedback.

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Ubercart <--> Drupal <--> CiviCRM

Good point. Ubercart reports do perform some functions of CRM, yet do not have the "list management" services a full-blown CRM solution would have.

CiviCRM, developed for non-profits yet highly adaptable, runs as a module fully integrated with Drupal. Ubercart does the same, allowing for a sharing of the user db tables. Though learning the ways of any CRM system is a bear, I would recommend the (one and only) Webstore/CRM solution for Drupal.

See also Ubercart CiviCRM Integration

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Re: Ubercart <--> Drupal <--> CiviCRM

Is this still the go-to CRM integration for UC2? I've got a "standard" ecommerce website (it is not a non-profit) and I am curious whether CiviCRM will be flexible enough to work for me.

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Great question, complicated answer

I've been integrating websites and CRMs since the late 90's. I'm interested to look into the combination that the previous guy said (sorry but I'd have to go back before submitting to figure out exactly what it was). My solution has been to use Drupal and SugarCRM although I haven't done anything with Ubercart. Everything I've done has been lead capture, subscription management, and other marketing related solutions.

I've done this with Talend mostly. Its an open source data integration tool that gives a gui front end but writes Java or Perl code. Then you export the job and run it. Its probably not a skill set that most people want to learn unless they are a professional geek. Its not real tough if you are a database admin but for the newb that wants to just plug something in its not an option.

Alternatively, for my fellow ubergeeks that prefers a php solution as opposed to backend Java or Perl from Talend there are some suggestions and example here for basic SugarCRM integration: http://www.websitemaintenancelabs.com/dev-blog/integrating-drupal-and-su.... Again just Drupal not Ubercart.

Other major CRMs like MSCRM or Salesforce likewise have many possible routes to come to the same conclusion which is...its gonna cost ya in time or money.

update: I misread the previous post. CiviCRM is the webstore/CRM solution. This is true. As a CRM I found it to be moderate to weak. That's not saying its not very adequate for many people. Just not a real pro solution with the flexibility and features of the other CRMs I mentioned. At least that was my impression when I tried it out.

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Anyone have any experience with this and Ubercart?