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is it possible to have a module that integrates ubercart with openerp. if there is a better erp software that is free, for wich integration is possible?(apart from quickbooks)

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Re: OpenERP integration


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Maybe you should Magento?

If you want to integrate openerp with an ecommerce product, maybe you should look at magento. Supposedly, magento already connects to openerp.

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Open ERP integration with Magento


We have had several successful implementations with magento and open ERP. If you looking for commercial support, its possible from our company.

If you looking forward to doing it yourself, please visit my blog: sharoonthomas.blogspot.com for a detailed tutorial on installing Open ERP and synchin magento to it.

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Ubercart ERP integration

I am also interested on this topic, whether it is Ubercart integration with OpenERP or Adempiere. Is anyone working on or going to release an open source version of this?

The only solution atm I found is a commerical release from Adaxa.com which provide Adempiere integration with Drupal/Ubercart, which is beyond my budget for the time being.

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Adaxa have released source

If you are have the time, energy and skill, Adaxa have released the source code that makes up the Adempiere/Ubercart combination.

See http://www.adempiere.com/index.php/Complex_Distribution_System:_Case_Study

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quickbook to openerp integration

how should i integrate the quickbook items into openerp real and virtual stock