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I would love to see that Ubercart offers:

- a unique download URL for each digital purchase
- Automatic email notification of download URL to your customer.
- Configurable Download limits can be set for each product for the number of downloads allowed
- Configurable number of days after which the download expires
- For PDF's, the ability to password protect the file during generation of the unique URL and download location with a variable string, such as the buyer's email address

This would make ubercart competitive with many commercial cart solutions, particularly in the digital delivery market. The ability to password protect PDFs is key as well.

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Re: Protected Digital Delivery

Interesting. As you probably have seen there is a File product module currently under development, but it doesn't have all the features mentioned here. We are going to set up a store that sell files (soundbooks) in a couple of months. We'll need at least a couple of those features by then so we'll see what we end up with Smiling

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If this ever comes available, I'm switching all my shops to this system. I already use Drupal on the main sites, but CubeCart as shop script, so having it integrated in Drupal for digital downloads with the above mentioned features would be awesome and much less work in my case.

For music for instance, the group option in Ubercart would then come in really handy.