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I must confess i've not tried the 2.x release, so apologies if there is provision for this already.

Quickbooks while the most popular (probably) accounting software, it would be brilliant if we also integrated with open source alternatives e.g. gnuCash.


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Re: Intergration with opensource accounting packages (gnuCash)

I love this idea, even moreso if the integration was made with Phreebooks (http://www.phreebooks.com/). Since Phreebooks is totally network (or web) based, integration should be easier, plus such integration would provide the ability to do all of your accounting and inventory management alongside your webstore.

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Looking for ADempiere?

You might be looking for this: http://www.adaxa.com/ They have integrated ADempiere and Ubercart.Here is a page where they seem to give away their source code.  But I think it might be a bit old.

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sounds interesting

I always support projects that provide greater options. This sounds like a great idea.

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Re: Intergration with opensource accounting packages (gnuCash)

Would you like to try our newly developed Ubercart drupal module, "Ubercart QuickBooks Integration Solution"?

It works with Ubercart and QuickBooks API module to synchronzie Ubercart orders to QuickBooks automatically.

have a look at http://toptons.com/content/drupal-ubercart-module-uc-qb-order