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is it possible do the following thing in my ubercart-shop:

Customer A lives in Germany (language german) (Currency Euro)
Customer B lives in Swiss (language french) (Currency Swiss Franken)
Customer C lives in Swiss (language german) (Currency Swiss Franken)
Customer D lives in Australia (language english) (Currency Australia Dollar)

I have a multi-language-shop:

German-Shop is www.homepage.com/de
Swiss-Shop is www.homepage.com/ch-fr (language french)
Swiss-Shop is www.homepage.com/ch-de (language german)
Australia is www.homepage.com/au

Product X is available in every shop.
Product Y is available only in Swiss-Shop.
Product Z is available only in Australia-Shop.

How can I customize ubercart to do this?

Thanks a lot for your postings,

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I'm sorry for you (and me) : not event a word in 6 months...
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Re: different products in a multi-country ubercart shop

I needed this too, I am on the way to it :

1/ Add a custom cck textfiled to your product : country. This is where you will use the country code where the product is available
2/ Make a view that takes the country as a parameter. The view will show only products that have the country code in their cck country textfiled we created step 1/. If the product has no country code, it would means that it is available everywhere.
3/ This is where I am : make a module that will redirect the user to the step 2 view, with the right country code that the module would have "guess" based on the user IP, or in your case, based on the langage in the url!