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Dear Ãœbercart translators,

As the poll shows, most of the translators would want to continue their work on the new centralized l.d.o interface. I strongly suggest, that group admins should export the existing translations for their language and move over there.

After moving a language, let me know, so I close the group (several groups got already closed). This way we will avoid parallel translations.

I will keep up http://l10n.privnet.biz until every translations is moved over, later on it will be just a redirection to the l.d.o site.

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Spainish translation of Ubercart


I would like to have spanish translation for Ubercart. However, I do not know the current status and how to help to translate.

I am also confused that I should discuss this issue in this place or at http://localize.drupal.org.

Joseph Lee

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Re: Transalations moved to http://localize.drupal.org

I was redirected from ubercart to localize drupal, translation of ubercart should be there. But I don't find translations there, does anybody know where to look for translations of ubercart?

thanks Jaap

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You need to specify Language and Project


You need to specify Language and Project which is ubercart in this case.

For example, you can EXPORT the spainish translation from http://localize.drupal.org/translate/languages/es/translate?project=uber... for ubercart.

Hope this help.