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Please note: We experienced a server crash at the beginning of August and are still recovering documentation pages, some of which are linked from this thread.

Well, this is the first time we've ever had to think through developing an international project. We don't want to get so bogged down with international support that it detracts from the normal development of the modules. So, here are a few things we're doing to work with the international community and some guidelines to help you get the ball rolling for support for your country.

What are we doing?

  • We have developed an interface through uc_store.module that lets admins import country files to add the appropriate entries to the tables uc_countries and uc_zones (along with the address formats) for the countries they want to support. Import files will also be able to tweak Ãœbercart settings as need be.
  • Coordinating the effort through the Internationalization forum at Ubercart.org.
  • Linking to non-English Ãœbercart portals and support sites.
  • Fleshing out the Internationalization section of the Developer's Guide.

Guidelines for you...

  • Check the Internationalization forum to find a thread for your country. If one doesn't exist and you feel like heading up the effort, go ahead and start a thread titled "Support for COUNTRY" where COUNTRY is the name of your country. Once you have it ready, attach the country import file discussed below for your country to the thread (edit your post).
  • Look at the SQL file from boogiebug's port of the osCommerce contribution and pull out your country's information. Check to make sure the zones there are correct and port the information over to a country import file.
  • Give us examples of the way postal codes are handled in your country.
  • Provide examples of the way addresses are normally formatted in your country.
  • Make sure the current currency options in Store administration > Configuration > Store settings are good enough for your country. If they aren't, mention in your post what needs to be handled differently to support your country.
  • Examine the tax options and let us know if it is unclear how to use them for your country. If changes need to be made to the tax system to support your country, mention them in your post.
  • List the payment gateways and shipping services that folks in from your country would use, and if possible tell us what other open source systems support these for porting purposes. If you're a developer, we invite your help for porting payment gateway and shipping quote modules to Ãœbercart with appropriate credit given to you.
  • If you want to do translation work, mention that in your post. If you're feeling spunky, get to work on it yourself! View the Translation section of the Developer's Guide for more information.
  • Keep track in your post of things that will prevent Ãœbercart from working in your country.
  • Broadcast your efforts and recruit help! We don't want anyone to feel like they have to do this all alone. You may decide you're a good coordinator but a horrible coder and translator. If that's the case, get the thread started and recruit folks to augment your weaknesses. Why do you think we're recruiting you? Eye-wink

This is by no means a comprehensive set of guidelines. If you see something missing from this list, please point it out and we will gladly make changes. We will keep an updated roster of sorts with international support sites and the usernames of people heading up their country support threads.

All contributions will receive proper credit, and we love giving away credit where credit is due. Smiling

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bidi support

what about bidirectional support for languages like arabic, farsi, urdu and hebrew? or will you be relying on drupal to provide the bidi support? and ubercart provide the translated language for itself and its modules?

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Re: bidi support

I think we have to rely on Drupal and the individual translators to provide bidirectional support. Mostly because none of us know anything about it. Smiling I know that Drupal uses Unicode, and it has special characters to designate the direction of text, so it should be as simple as providing proper translation strings. You'll have to do some research to find out for sure. People on groups.drupal.org may be the most knowledgeable about this topic.

Whenever someone provides a complete Ãœbercart translation, we'll be happy to include it in the downloads. Of course, a complete translation is dependent on the stability of the source strings. Translators are certainly welcome to start their work at any time, but they should be alert to changes between releases.

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Custom CIF resources

Good resource for custom CIFs is http://www.statoids.com/. You'll need to find the primary region page for your country, which tends to be at www.statoids.com/uXX.html, with XX being the two-letter country code. Example http://www.statoids.com/upk.html for Pakistan.

For mailing address formats, try http://www.upu.int/post_code/en/countries/. There should be a pdf for each country, listed by 3-letter country code.

Should be a snap to open up another CIF file and swap out the info for the country you need!

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Re: Custom CIF resources

Please pass me the CIF file for Pakistan

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Re: Re: Custom CIF resources