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Is there any way to change to order of the address fields during checkout? For example, I'd like to have the Postal Code appear above the City field. Maybe fields weights could be introduced at admin/store/settings/checkout/edit/fields

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could use this as well

I'd like to put State above Country. usually country goes last.

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Re: could use this as well

I'm having the same problem as the original poster - I'm running a shop in the UK and the order of the fields should be city, county, postcode, country, but instead it's city, country, county, postcode. I've looked in several of the config files, but can't see anything that determines the ordering of the address fields in there. I've checked all the boxes on the Ubercart modules install and checked all permissions boxes, in case there's something I was missing enabling the config of these fields. I've even looked in Content Templates but the checkout form isn't listed there as a content type in its own right. Can anyone help?

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Re: Re: could use this as well

It's OK, I've sorted it by looking at another forum post - there was no solution there either but it referred to uc_cart_checkout_pane.inc within modules/ubercart/ubercart/uc_cart - I just cut and pasted the delivery_country and billing_country sections in that file to a lower position. Still fiddly though Eye-wink

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Re: Changing order of address fields during checkout

With the 2.x-dev of Extra Fields Pane you will have the ability to change the order of the address fields.

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Re: Re: Changing order of address fields during checkout

That did the trick and means no hacking of the module