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Informatics Outsourcing is Market Research Company. They are providing best services include Quantitative Market Research and Qualitative Market Research. Planed expand the services Worldwide.

A Market Research Focus Groups is a type of qualitative research in which a group of people are queried about different attributes (ads, packaging. etc) about a product/service. Their perceptions, opinions and attitude towards those attributes will be studied and concluded upon.

Types of focus groups include:

• Two-way - one focus group will observe another and the observations are taken down for final conclusion
• Dual moderator - one moderator ensures smooth progression the session, while another makes sure that all the topics are covered
• Dueling moderator - two moderators will intentionally take differing sides on the issue under discussion
• Respondent moderator - only one of the respondents are required to be a moderator for the time being
• Client participant - one or more customer representatives will participate in the dialogue
• Mini focus groups - groups are composed of fewer members rather than a big crowd
• Teleconference focus groups
• Online focus groups - respondents connected via the internet are used

Well trained Focus Groups team will do the work with efficiently.

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