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Hello guys

I'm going use ubercart on my drupal based site. The site should be multilingual, so product catalogs, cart and other stuff should be multilingual as well. I installed ubercart and some products and here is what I found:
- I have some products in both English and French languages. So, let's say I have product X in English and its translation. When I browse thrugh the catalog - it shows product X in english and product X in french as different products. I do realize that this is different nodes, but it should not appear like that
- When I add product X in english to the cart and go to the cart page I see the product X in english. When I change site language to french - product still in english. So like all site is in french but the product is in English. This is also not great

is there any way to fix that? I was thinking maybe the solution would be to not use i18n to translate the products, but just create each fields for each language, like product title English, product title French and so on in admin panel. I'm not sure that this is the best way and even not sure if it will work. This is very urgent for me, so any rapid advises on how to resolve this is really appreciated.
Thank you