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Good evening ladies and gents,in Germany we have 2 different vat levels: 7% and 19%. In Ubercart there's the possibility to crate multiple classes to give them different taxes. But we found that it's not a very flexible system. So we solved it by building a new module called uc_vat_with_taxonomy. You'll find it in our sandbox.
The result: Inspired by leon.nk who build it generally for taxes it's now possible to change taxes on product level. You don't have to create different classes for different taxes now.
How to handle:
First of all: Deinstall uc_vat. After deinstallation install uc_vat_with_taxonomy. That means remove the tables from vat!!!
In Taxonomy either create a new taxonomy or use "catalog". Create some self-explaining terms like "Vat 19%" or "VAT 7%" or anything like these.
Go to ...admin/store/settings/taxes/vat, do whatever you want to but let the customer input his sales prices as net prices without VAT.
Than create a tax, name it whatever you want, for easyness I would prefer to give an appropriate name like them above ...
Activate the term you want, product_type doesn't play a role.
Create a node, combine it with the term you want, save. Go to cart and enjoy...
So please use and test it! We need some problems!!! Eye-wink

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Re: Multiple Vat in Germany

Just to confirm for other readers, this is a Drupal 6 module.