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I am concidering using Ubercart for a japanese store. After I installed the localizations however, I noticed that only parts are translated. So I figured I can do the remaining ones and contribute back to the community.

I searched through the .po files to see how many strings were missing and discovered that a lot of strings aren't there at all.

How would I do to translate the remaining strings? Is there some script I have to run to update .po files with the missing english strings?

See image.


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Re: How do I add missing translations?

At least for your own store have you tired String Overrides modules? http://drupal.org/project/stringoverrides

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Thank you for the reply.

That plugin looks like a dirty fix to the problem. I want to generate a list of the missing translations so I can add them without too much fuss. Using "String Overrides" I assume I have to manually search through the whole Ubercart plugin for untranslated strings. And in the end i won't be able to share it back to the community.

I tried installing the swedish localization file and it behaves exactly like the Japanese one.

I'm guessing:
- I have missed some step to get all the strings translated.


-Ubercart localizations just don't work very well and there's a lot of work left before it can be used in practice.

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Re: How do I add missing translations?

Install http://drupal.org/project/l10n_client and you can translate missing strings directly on your site, and also contribute them back for others to use.

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