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Includes regions for 4 districts and what I believe to be the correct format for their postal addresses.

Cheers all!

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Adjusted CIF for Brunei Darussalam

Based on the above CIF file. Adjusted the postcodes following the official government website (http://www.post.gov.bn/main_online_postcode_guide.htm)

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Re: CIF for Brunei Darussalam

Thanks for putting this together! The CIF installer is missing a few parts though so it doesn't actually install (or it doesn't for me on any of the sites I look after).

I've added in the missing parts and added an updater to upgrade from v1 to v2.

I think one of the districts may have changed from Kuala Belait to just Belait but am not 100% sure on this so have just left it as is.

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