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Hi I have installed:
- Drupal 6.15
- Ubercart Module 6.x-2.2
- ImageCache-6.x-2.0-beta10.tar

I need to change the size of products image, I go to ImageCache administration page and it doesn't let me edit Ubercart presets (product, product_full, product_list or uc_thumbnail) the only actions it let me do are View or Flush.

I've read in other posts that I need to use Imagecache 1x instead, I've tried it but all presets disappear.

Any suggestions?


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Never mind, I figured out, just need to hit on Override Defaults and that's it.

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Where is the override defaults option?
i have the exact same issue.

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Re: where?

According to my poking around the admin side of my site:

Home » Administer » Site building » ImageCache

You'll see a list of presets, select one, the button should be there.

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Re: Re: where?

I removed the scaling and now I cannot put another operation any more, there is no edit link either. What now? Don't want to reinstall the module not to lose my settings either. Advice please!

Looks like they are no configurable, but they are deletable. Very annoying and ablsolutely unfriendly.