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Your mod works great!
But I'm wondering if I can get some help/advice.

The module does every thing it should, but when I got two or more modules trying to work together, they don't play nice...


I'm using Ubercart Market place to sell digital files.
I'm using a private file system.

Main problem I'm having:
Add a file to my cart, check out to the thank you page, I check my downloaded files[user/1/purchased-files], nothing their.
My settings are pointing to the right folder at /admin/store/settings/products/edit/features for downloads
The file has been uploaded and it shows up in /admin/store/products/files

I did it before I added some modules, so I'm trying to figure where the problem is taking place.
I disabled, uninstalled those modules but still get the problem.

My site is still in development so I can set up a user account if you want to check it out.