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This may or may not be posted somewhere already.

In order to use FedEx (Web Services, API), you will need to get your credentials from www.fedex.com/developer - Create account or log in, click on "move to production" under the Web Services for shipping tab. At the bottom of this screen you want to click on "Obtain Production Credentials". You will need the FedEx account number and their billing address (usually the same as their mailing address unless it is a PO box).

Once you fill this form out you will receive TWO emails with your user credentials.

Credentials consist of:
Account number
Meter number
Authentication key

I would recommend using the FedEx production server for all standard functionalities (non-shipping).

If you are planning on creating FedEx label with Ubercart you will need to first certify your test labels before being granted access to the production server. Follow same steps as above except you want to "obtain test credentials".

If you get hung up along the way or are ready for certification you can call FedEx tech support at 877.339.2774 keyword "Web Services" or email them at websupport@fedex.com .

you will need the following information when requesting certification.

Account Number
company name
Company contact (or you as a developer)
contact email
Contact Phone.

You will then receive an email from them (usually same day) with instructions on how to continue. The email will consist of test script scenarios along with a label cover sheet. The test scripts are just a guide and do not need to be followed to the T. Simply print out a label of whatever services / special services you plan to use.

Let me know if you have any questions.


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Printing FedEx Labels to Zebra Thermal printer

Hi Drax,

Not sure if you can help or perhaps know the answer, we are trying to print the FedEx label to the FedEx supplied Zebra thermal printer. However, all that happens is the label data is displayed in the browser window and unable to print.

Any thoughts?

Thanks in advance

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Hey Tony, Check out the

Hey Tony,

Check out the attached file, as this may help you figure it out.

LabelBuffer.zip 312 KB