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Hi there,

I have a small issue and no idea how to solve it!!

I am creating a website that runs physical outdoor courses. I need a qualified instructor to be able to create a course and have it list with the rest of the product nodes. However this person should not be able to edit the whole product node. They should be able to select a course to run and choose a date they want to run it... thats all.

I have managed to get drupal rules to create the product for me, the user is allowed to create a particular content type and when they save this content rules kicks in and creates a new product node setting various values based upon a standard template elsewhere... this works for all the fields that rules has access to however i can't get it to set the;


The list goes on....

How can i get this information to be entered automatically (from the template which has all these fields setup already)

I probably haven't described this very well... but please leave any suggestions if you have any!