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I'm a little new to Ubercart and Condition Actions so please bear with me.

I've successfully created a Trigger/Action that will email a customer when I create a 'shipment' and send their order to them. This works a treat. However, some of my orders need to be sent in 2 or more shipments due to stock being ready to send now and stock being able to send in a few weeks.

I've trying to create a new Trigger/Action that will send an email to my customers when I create a shipment for part of their order. Ideally the Conditional Actions I create will email notification when I send an order out in one shipment and also separate emails to customers for all part-shipments I send for their order.

Thanks in advance for anyone who can help me on this one.

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Shipping confirmation email

Could you share how you created the Trigger/Action to send an email when you create a shipment? Do you create an email template that is different from uc_order-admin.tpl.php and uc_order-customer.tpl.php that are available by default in uc_order/templates? I guess the email that you would send on shipping the order will be different from the one you would send when the order gets created. It would contain the shipment tracking number, etc. I will really appreciate if you can help me on this!

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Re: Shipping confirmation email

You could always try updating the order from shipping or whatever the option is to the same status. Like


I know this normally resends invoices and emails on other options such due to the strange Renew CA they have in there as default. An example on my own site had four emails going to the customer because of the Renew CA that would send a file email because other actions kept updating a completed order to completed and the CA is set to trigger on updating to completed.

So by logic, if you have the CA set to email a customer when their order has shipped, when you update to shipping or shipped or whatever, it will send that message again because you're fulfilling the condition again.