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First of all I'm sorry if this is posted in the wrong forum.

I'm working on the multi-vendor marketplace website, which is using Ubercart x2 and UC marketplace module. The basic idea of the website is to enable for every registered user to create their own product page. The whole idea is to have some online products catalogue which users can update so that other users will see who has the cheapest product and to get the contact info from that person or company (checkout will be turned off since this will just be a catalogue). Now, everything works great so far but I don't want duplicated product creations on this website. For example, if I create product page titled "some product name" and then someone else wants to promote that same product with his own price, his created page should only appear as, for example, one DIV with his own price and info in it on the already, previously created, "some product name" page.

Now, my question is... Is there any module which can do that for me?

I have in plan to edit the already existing auction module which, I believe, is similar to the module with which I could accomplish what I described in the text above. However, I just had to ask and make sure that something like that doesn't actually exist. If it does, even better! Smiling