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Not sure where to put this, but its similar to QB I guess!

Is anyone aware of a link between Sage Accounts (Line 50, or any) and ubercart?


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ExpressPay / Authorize.Net

I've seen other posts stating that the Authorize.Net gateway can also work with Sage - but I have not tried it.

I have written a module for using the Sage ExpressPay interface - http://www.ubercart.org/contrib/11464

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Re: Sage Line 50

If you can export your transactions from ubercart then you could simply import them as audit transactions into Line 50.


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Re: Sage Line 50

We also may need one ourselves to update an old bespoke website we did in ASP years ago to be a Drupal website using Ubercart

Drupal Developer with Manchester Gig Promotions on the side and an Ubercart shop where you can buy sexy lingerie