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Hi All ,

I have a BVCommerce website, and i wish to integrate it into my retail locations Inventory system (Microsoft RMS: http://www.microsoft.com/dynamics/rms/default.mspx)

The inventory software is already managing inventory for multiple locations. our task would be to configure the store (very possibly via custom code engineering) to pull the store inventory from the Microsoft RMS system.

" BV Commerce5 software is used to develop online shopping cart web sites"

I need to send orders from the website into RMS and update the website's inventory from RMS. So, there is two-way communication. It's unlikely that i am able to perform an inventory lookup in real-time from the website into my RMS system without negatively impacting site performance. Instead I will probably need to setup some kind of inventory update process that runs at an interval that I feel is reasonable.

is Kosmos RMS Integration software is useful ti integrate bv commerce based shopping cart with Microsoft Dynamics RMS?


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Re: integration of bv commerce shopping cart with Microsoft Dyna

Sure. But maybe you should ask someone who knows BVCommerce.

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QuickBooks Integration

Still in correspondence w/ the author... haven't had a chance to get into coding anything, though.