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We recently announced QuickBooks Integration for Ubercart using our software eCC. Please visit our website at for more information, view a video demo or download a free trial.

eCC saves you hours of time every day by automatically downloading orders from your Ubercart store. You can post orders into QuickBooks with a single mouse-click! Better yet, use eCC to synchronize your Ubercart inventory with QuickBooks. Automate your shipping with eCC by generating shipping labels with USPS, UPS WorldShip. Endicia Dazzle or eCC also integrates with QuickBooks Merchant Service, and PayPal so you can process offline payments.

Synchronize Ubercart Orders with QuickBooks:

* Save your orders as Invoices, Sales Receipts or Estimates in QuickBooks
* Save Taxes and Discounts with your transaction
* Post order status, notes and tracking info back to your Ubercart with a single click
* Notify customers with tracking information when orders are completed

Synchronize Inventory (Add-on):

* Create missing items in Ubercart or QuickBooks
* Synchronize Quantity and Price
* Report on quantity and price conflicts

Generate Shipping Labels:

* Generate Shipping Labels with various shipping providers :
** QuickBooks Shipping Manager (Fedex or UPS)
** UPS WorldShip
** Endicia Dazzle
** USPS (without postage)

Manage Orders:

* Download new orders from Ubercart at the click of a button or use the scheduler to download automatically
* Maintain order processing history
* Manage multiple stores from a single location

Create & Synchronize Customers:
* Automatically create new customers in QuickBooks and update billing and shipping information
* Enhanced customer matching with QuickBooks