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This thread will be a container of sorts for various QuickBooks links and resources. You may also read our QuickBooks Integration documentation here:


DISCLAIMER: this code is over a year old but has served us well in production that whole time. It was some of the first real PHP code I wrote, so it's not the prettiest or most efficient way of getting things done. It does work, but you will have to adapt it to whatever your needs are. You will need to edit these files and may not find a single one useful, but at least you can see how someone else managed to make it work in PHP.

(When I first wrote this, there was nothing to go by... so I hope it can be of use to some other struggling developers!)

The files include:

  • nusoap_php-5-safe.zip - a version of NuSOAP I tweaked to work with PHP 5 which has some function name conflicts.
  • qbis.zip - various files from the app I wrote to do our integration, including an old class I used to construct qbXML for use with the QuickBooks Web Connector.
  • scott_nichol_tutorials.zip - a hard copy collection of Scott Nichol's NuSOAP tutorials which I used to learn how to use this stuff.
  • sample_client.zip/sample_server.zip - apparently a sample SOAP client/server I used for testing, but which may be utterly useless to you!

And just because I can, let me include a link to an interview I did with Intuit:
February 2007 Geek of the Month - article based on the Web Connector integration. Cool

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Quickbooks web connector

Hi Ryan,

Call me stupid but how do you generate the .QWC file needed for the quickbooks web connector??

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Re: Quickbooks web connector

Can't quite remember... I believe it's just a basic XML file that you have to have on your desktop. I'm pretty sure the implementations I've done of this would generate an appropriate file for download to client computers somehow.

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Error with authentication

Thanks for this sample code. However, I am having a trouble getting this to authenticate. I copied the sample server from your site.

I'm using the quick books web connector version ""

The error I'm getting is:

Object reference not set to an instance of an object.
More info:
StackTrace = at QBWebConnector.WebService.do_authenticate(String& ticket, String& companyFileName)
Source = QBWebConnector

The authentication function I'm using is:

function authenticate($username, $password)
$retval[0] = md5(time() . $username);
$retval[1] = 'none';//$settings['company']['filepath'];
$retval[2] = '0';
$retval[3] = '0';

return $retval;

Any ideas?



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IIF file creation

Hey Ryan.

I have a stupid question, what is that I have to keep in mind for generating an IIF file that can be used for quickbooks.
Like what are standards, should I stick to excatly the same set of columns, is there a default value that I can include or can it be null.
And how to create an IIF file.
Or atleast a .txt file that can be renamed to IIF and used in Quickbooks.

Appreciate and thanks in advance.

Many Thanks