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I am going to be working on QB integration for a client using Ubercart next week. Has anyone else been working on this (recently)?


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Re: Any updates on QB integration?

You might check out http://drupal.org/project/uc_qb.

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Ported and Working

I was able to get a setup using the two modules: qb and uc_qb. They are not in our production environment right now as there is a bunch of custom work that I need to do with them, but the setup works for what is advertised. There are some things that have to be enabled for the uc_qb module to work. Specifically:
- Taxes must be turned on in the company preferences.
- Inventory must be turned on in the company preferences.

Once I had these two setup as explained, it worked as expected. Hopefully that helps. I am attaching the qb.module that is ported to Drupal 5.

qb.tar.gz 6.83 KB
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ubercart front end for quickbooks invoices?

The current implementation seems to update QuickBooks with ubercart created info, but not the opposite. Are their any plans to allow ubercart to accept customers and invoices generated in Quickbooks and provide a front-end for paying them?

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Re: ubercart front end for quickbooks invoices?

So how do I download these files? There are no links on the Drupal project pages as they are not official releases. Are they both available for Drupal 6 and Ubercart 2?

All I really want to do is import Ubercart transactions to Quickbooks, and that's it.


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qb api download

I think you will have to use cvs. Go to http://drupal.org/node/270018/cvs-instructions/HEAD and click on the Show button, then follow the instructions.

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instructions / process for qb integration

So is getting the HEAD versions of the qb and qb_api modules out of CVS all you need to get Ubercart to export order data (in a basic way) to QuickBooks?

On the Quickbooks side, you also need the Quickbooks Web Connector, right? Is there a specific version that is needed to work with the qb and qb_api modules?

Also, can anyone who has used the qb and qb_api modules chime in on what the roadblocks are to getting them to work?

These have been in development for a long, long time, and I think that the lack of solid QB integration is keeping Ubercart from truly being, well, an uber cart. I'd be happy to help in whatever way I can, if someone can point me in the right direction and if others are willing to help out.


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QB integration using THub

Anyone using THub?? I have been trying to call them, but I haven't been able to get through to them. I am looking at Thub and wondering if it is a good software to use??

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