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Just want to clarify something: is quickbooks free to use? it opensource, but i had the feeling that using the database needs a subscription

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Re: Is Quickbooks Free

I have never heard of QuickBooks being free unless it is hacked or a trial version, this is also the first time I have ever heard open source and quickbooks used in the same sentence. I think we paid $300 for the pro version plus some additional for advanced payroll for taxes and such.

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Re: Is Quickbooks Free

Quickbooks is the EXACT OPPOSITE of everything you equate with 'free' and 'opensource'

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QuickBooks Mod

Are you asking if the module for QB is free to use with ubercart? Because as it is stated before QuickbBooks is a Intuit program that is not free and you must have a valid copy to use it. On the other hand if you have the program and just want to try out the modules that is free. I wish you the best, sounds like you might have some hills to climb.

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