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Reading that Ubercart allow using different prices for different clients, I am currently trying to test if Ubercart can work for the company I am working for.
The company is essentially a service company but in addition to our regular services, it sells a number of products such as printer paper and toners to our clients. We are not selling to individuals and only selling to already established clients, however, these clients may have special deals on a number of our products according to their contract with us.

I have so far been working under the assumption that the best way to set this up is to create one role for each company we got a contract with, and only override the regular price where a product got a special price for the role. All users who are member of that role will thus see the same prices. People who are not clients should not be able to see our prices, nor able to add things to a shopping cart, however, we do have a interest in letting potential clients browse the listing simply to see we may offer something more than the our regular services.

How do I set the prices based on client roles override the regular sales price only for those products, and how do I show the prices only for those roles?