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Hi, Apologies if this is a frequent question, however, as a newbie, I have searched and searched but cannot find an answer (perhaps due to not knowing the correct terminology).

I am trying to create a cart with a database of services which are only created upon request/sale. ie, my customer will look for availability of his name. If it is already taken it will show as unavailable if not it is available. (much the same way as registering a user name.

I am wondering if there is a plug in or alike to offer this type of 'product search' as it is impossible to add individual product variations as there are several million variations.

Can the product search be configured to look up against what is already taken and return an 'unavailable' if already sold or 'available' if it doesn't exist and then add to the cart to create the product and proceed with the sale?

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Product search


I have installed ubercart product search module for product search but i am getting an access denied message in the page when i search.Please help