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I all, Im looking for a Drupal6/ubercart2 payment module for any UK payment gateway which does'nt require PCI DSS compliance. My website is a relatively low transaction shoppingcart and acquiring compliance is over the budget.

For example, there is a module for 'Sage pay go direct' which requires the compliance. Sagepay also offers another solution called 'Sage Pay Go with Form' in which a customer is redirected to their site to store card details and make payments but as far as I know, there are no modules available.

Worldpay has a module but requires compliance.

We have the paypal module which I'm leaving as a last option as it requires users to create an account which is a bit off putting.

Any other gateway modules or cheap PCI-DSS compliant hosting providers anyone can recommend?

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Re: UK payment Gateway that does'nt require PCI DSS compliance

Sagepay Server will fit your needs - http://drupal.org/project/uc_sagepayserver. I'm using it on a low volume live site. Works well. Don't even have to enable https, and no PCI DSS requirements on the server. Sage were very helpful with a few little niggles when we went live (although they do come in for some criticism on the forums).


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Thanks for this technique