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I have a web-site that will offer a subscription to libraries of talks which are downloadable mp3. The customer purchase a subscription and accesses these files as the files become available. Suppose the 2011 library will end-up containing 50 talks, and that these files are added once a week.

The way I'm thinking of implementing this functionality is by creating the library as a product and add the downloadble talks to that product as files, once a week.

Questions: Suppose a customer purchases a subscription to the library on week 10 when there are 10 files available. When I add file number 11 the following week, will this file be made available to the customer automatically? That is, will Ubercart build the list of files the customer is entitled to dynamically on each request or is it a static request that runs the first time the customer accessses this product after payment? If the later, what must I do to change it to a dynamic request? Obviously, once the library is complete, I would want to move back to a static request since no new talks would be added to the list.

Is this the right approach or is there a better more natural way of achieving this goal? Please keep in mind that each talk is a product in its own right that a customer can pruchase separately.

Thank you for any thought you may have on this,