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And even worst is, you get spamed by drugs sellers of all colors.

I would need some help with the latest versions. But most content is outdated.

Isnt there any management left?

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Re: This site looks a little bedraggled

What do you need help with?

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moved to 3.0

I just installed Drupal 7 and moved ubercart to 3.0

Before I had managed to get the european VAT halfway running.

Here I have the Problem again, that at some ends are prices without tax, and on others the VAT in included.

I would like to have the choice to either enter the price including VAT, so the VAR is deducted in the invoice - or without tax, so it will be added at the display to users.

Next thing is freight costs.

Freight must be displayed near the product price including VAT.

In the incoice it must be declared seperately without VAT.

I got to handle this somehow.

And there ist another thing, I had not managed in the old version yet:
My gross partner gives picelists with 7000 products as CSV-File.

How can I import these into ubercart?