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I've used the excellent Drupal WebForms module to create a newsletter signup block and have also read about SimpleNews but (correct me if I'm wrong) but these still make the store checkout process and opting in to the mailing list completely separate/disjointed?

There *must* be an option for people checking out of the store to also opt-in or opt-out of the mailing list at the same time (checking a "subscribe to newsletter" checkbox?)? Otherwise I'm not going to be able to send *any* newsletters to my entire store customer database because I've got no idea who wants to receive my newsletter and who does not.

Any ideas?



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Re: newsletter subscribe option - UberCart checkout


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subscribe to simplenews newsletter during checkout


did you already found a solution?

I want to do the same - When a user checks out, there should be a checkbox to subscribe to a Simplenews newsletter (similar to the Simplenews_register modul, which works perfectly for users who are going to register). I already tried to tweak user.module and simplenews_register.module but since I'm a total noob to Drupal I wasn't able to figure it out by myself.

Anyone an idea?

Thanks in advance,

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Re: subscribe to simplenews newsletter during checkout

That might be a good one, I'm also going to check out http://drupal.org/project/simplecontactcheck to see if it can be modified to place a checkbox on the checkout page.

I would say that the first option would be good enough if your store is not allowing anonymous checkouts since a customer should only need to be asked once.

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Re: newsletter subscribe option - UberCart checkout

Is there any update on this?

I see Lullabot's new Ubercart store has this feature, but I know they had some custom work done, so I'm not sure that if that feature is out there for general consumption.

Does anyone know if this is available?

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Re: newsletter subscribe option - UberCart checkout

Stuff can be added to the checkout form using hook_checkout_pane(). See the Lead Tracker module as an example: http://www.ubercart.org/contrib/670

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Re: newsletter subscribe option - UberCart checkout

I just created a module for this:


It's very simple and uses hook_checkout_pane() and simplenews_subscribe_user() to add a checkbox to the checkout process.

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I've created a module/integration for this http://www.ubercart.org/contrib/13845

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What about for ubercart 1.x?

Do you plan on making a version for 1.x? If not, could someone recommend how this could be modified ofr 1.x? I'm willing to do the work but I don't have much Drupal expereince and don't have the time to figure this out without a little push.


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1.x version

I'm also looking for a 1.x version... because the site I'm working on is built with Drupal 5, Ubercart 1.x and uses the Localizer module for multi-lingual content... I'd love to upgrade the whole thing to D6 & UC2 but it seems like a lot of work... and as it is it's working nicely the way it is...

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Hey guys,For our site, we

Hey guys,

For our site, we decided to automatically subscribe customers upon order completion. Many prominent online retails such as Newegg.com and Amazon.com do this so why not us? Just be sure to explain in the footer of your newsletter why the user is receiving the email, such as "You are receiving this email because you previously made a purchase or subscribed with store-name". Always proved a very simple opt out link that directs the user to /newsletter/subscriptions

Accomplishing this is a piece-of-cake with the powerful Conditional Actions (this play-by-play is for UC 6.x-2.6):

1) Navigate to admin/store/ca/add
2) Title: Add customer to Newsletter
3) Trigger: Cart > Customer completes checkout
4) Enabled
5) Save predicate
6) No conditions needed, so click on the Actions tab up top
7) Add action: System > Execute custom PHP code
8 ) Custom PHP:
simplenews_subscribe_user($account->mail, '1', $confirm = FALSE);

...where '1' is the ID number of the Simplenews newsletter you'd like to subscribe the user to
...to find the ID number, navigate to admin/content/simplenews/types and highlight the "edit newsletter" link and look at the number at the end of the edit URL

9) Save changes to the new Conditional action
10) Test it by placing an order and checking if the user was added by navigating to /user/###/edit/newsletter (where ### is the user number of the account used to place the order)
11) Go to the fridge, get a nice ice tea, relax and smile Laughing out loud


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Re: Hey guys,For our site, we

I forgot to add that in our experience, very few people opt out (because we don't send many newsletters; we try to stay un-invasive), and in the event someone opts out and places another order, having to opt out again, this has only happened 1 time so far. The customer simply emailed me and I added an if statement to the Custom PHP checking if the $account->mail matches his address or not. You could easily create an array of addresses to check, but I do understand this option is not good if you have a ton of people opting out and placing repeat orders often.... then this would be a mess Sticking out tongue