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I'm using flat rate shipping and I need to add a Canadian Shipping Surcharge to the order if the shipping address is Canada. So I setup a second flat rate with a base rate of $7.00 and a Conditional Action of "Check an order's shipping country". Seems to work fine on the quote screen, both my "Flat Rate Shipping" and the "Canadian Shipping Surcharge" show up. Intuiatively I assumed it was going to combine them at checkout.

The problem is when they get to the checkout screen, they have to pick one or the other. Is there a way to combine the flat rates that the order meets and combine them into a total shipping charge that is the sum of the 2? (Flat Rate 7.95 + Canadian Surcharge $7.00 = $14.95 shipping).

The surcharge is not a product so I can't do per product pricing on it. I'm stuck.

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any luck?

any luck with this? I have a similar issue and I've been struggling through the uc_flatrate code to try to figure it out.

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Re: any luck?

I assume the original post has been figured out based on the date, but using it as an example it should be very simple...

just combine the flatrate + the surcharge into one rate of $14.95 and use it as the Canada rate (and the text description lists it as "Flat Rate $7.95 + Canadian Surcharge $7.00" ) and then set the 'check the shipping country'. If the customer is listing Canada they'll only get the one option if you set your conditions correctly

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How do you combine 2 different Flat Rates?

I have an Issue where I have 2 different products that require 2 different Flat Rate Shipping charges. I can set these up individually but during Checkout all it does is give me the option to select which Flat Rate Shipping Charge to choose from. I need it to combine the two Shipping Charges.

Cd: shipping = 2.50
Shirt: shipping = 3.25

With both these products in the cart at the same time, when I calculate shipping it asks to choose one shipping rate or the other.

So of course the User will select the Lowest Shipping rate of 2.50, When in reality the Total shipping should be: 5.75

Is there anyway I can take away the option for the User to choose which shipping rate they want and just combine the two rates into one?


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Little help, please!

Hi all,

I have the same issue with flate rate configurations. I get 2 options instead of one sum of them both.

Has anyone found a solution, please . . . well past desperate here Puzzled


you can read my short description of the issue @ http://www.ubercart.org/comment/50184