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We are three friends who intend to provide sporting/training services to tourists, and need the following kind of workflow:

- a user or 'organiser' (eg. the leader of an athletics club) makes initial enquiries about our services

- back & fourth replies are coordinated between the three staff (ie. we can see who answered the query and what was said, as you would with a support ticketing system)

- the user/organiser decides to purchase a service and sends some kind of booking form. The problem here is that the price/quote will be different for each order because they will choose so many optional extras, and the size of each group will be different (ranging from 1 to 30). We need to take A LOT of information about the group at this point in order to give them a unique, tailored price.

- staff, again coordinated, send a price/quote (dependent on choices made in the booking form) and our bank details.

- the user/organiser makes a bank transfer to us (we won't take credit cards or paypal at this point... this is all too new a complex to get it up and running in time for the first 'wave' of tourists in Feb - we need it all working in the next week or so, but I can only work on it for a couple of hours each evening, so it all needs to be kept very simple and quick just now. I'll look at paypal/google-checkout later).

- staff, again coordinated, confirm payment and make further arrangements toward providing the service to the group when they arrive.

I've got some loose, conceptual ideas, based around contact module, webform, and support ticket module (or a standalone hesk installation). But someone in the drupal forum suggested ubercart. However, I don't know if ubercart allows for this level of interaction between customer and staff, or would support this kind of workflow?

Any comments or advice?