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I've been struggling with this for weeks. Going back and forth between trying to recreate the entier ubercart system from scratch using views. I just can't get it to all work correctly.

Say I have this taxonomy structure:

Products fruit
- apple
- pear
- peach
Products Guns
- Pistol
- Rifle
- Pea shooter

When I click "Products fruit" I want to see all apples, pears, and peaches. I also want to be able to do a "views" type search by manufacture, price low to high, etc...
When I click apple I want to be able to sort price low to high, high to low, etc...

I've installed the advanced catalog module, but it only applies a barely useful search.

I've also set up a taxonomy structure and enabled the taxonomy term view along with taxonomy menus.

I really like the ubercart system and If I can get these two features I'll be a happy camper. Does anyone know how I could add these features in?