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I am struggling to get a solution where the sell_price change dynamically after I select the options from the attributes. I think I can modify the the uc_aac module and get the functionality done but so far no luck.

Changing $time->sell_price or $product->sell_price when rendering the form seems to affect the value. Maybe I am on the wrong track. I think the product module sets the values to default somewhere when rendering the product view form.

Any Ideas?

nathan.xiitec (not verified)
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Re: Change Display Price via AJAX

Sorry few mistakes in the text above

Changing $item->sell_price or $product->sell_price when rendering the form doesn't seem to affect the value.

nathan.xiitec (not verified)
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Finally I got it working!!

Was a simple thing! I didnot pay attention the notes on UC_AAC. For some themes it doesnot work unless you add id="node-

print $node->nid;

" to the node.tpl.php div.

I took me hours to figure this out but I guess this note will help someone like me!