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We have two types of products; down-loadable files and discs that have be mailed.

The cart works fine when these items are purchased separately. But, when you combine them in a product kit which has a shipping charge override field, the software ignores the field and uses the shipping from the shippable items included in the product kit. We want the shipping to be zero when the combined items are part of a kit.

We have tried many variations of conditions and none seems to work. We always get unwanted shipping charges in our product kits.

The shipping quote method we set up charges a base of $5.95, then $2.00 per mailed disc. The condition we have looks at the SKU for a disc to determine if the flat rate should be added. We tried setting up a FREE rate but then it was displayed to the customer at checkout. Can have that. We just want product kits to have zero shipping.

Suggestions? Workarounds?