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I've been trying integrate UPS shipping quotes but am running into a few issues. When I use it in FireFox I get this error: "undefined:
Hard 10001: The XML document is not well formed". In Chrome, it simply says there were "problems getting a shipping quote". If anyone is motivated, they can give it a shot at TrinityBooksellers.com.

I have an Access Key, Shipper #, User ID and Password. I am using "Testing Mode" but I've tried production mode. I've applied for additional API's for production but I don't think I have them yet. Either way, testing mode should work. I don't know XML (I realize it's not rocket science).

I could really use some help. I'm just not sure where the error is. If anyone has implemented UPS quotes before please hook me up here.

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Re: UPS XML document "is not well formed'

Your second comment was quite accurate and banging your head against the wall is standard when working with anything Drupal, especially Ubercart. Advice to anyone thinking about using it: DON'T!