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I have a website that sells digital reproductions of old magazines online. Right now, the customer pays a fee and receives a link via email to download the digital copy. So far, so good. However, some people have requested the option to purchase a DVD which I can mail to them, containing the magazines. Some want to do this because the size of the compressed file is so large, and they have slow connections.

Each magazine is about 150MB, and if I can do DVD ordering, I'll offer them the option to receive the magazine in "archive quality" format (about 1.8GB or more). Now for downloads, I just charge a flat rate of $4.00 per magazine. I'd charge the same for a DVD ($4.00 per mag) but would want to require them to purchase at least three magazines to make it worth my while. So the questions are these:

1. Can Ubercart allow me the options for download or DVD on an item?
2. Can I require a $12.00 minimum for shipping but not have to require that for downloading?
3. If nothing else, I can create a separate product line for shipping, but can I copy over the product info without having to type the whole thing in again?

Thanks in advance, guys, and thank you Ubercart, for such a great product!

Eric Sherwood

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Re: Can Ubercart Provide Two Ways To Get An Item?

I have never set up digital download but can't you just add an attribute to the digital download called CD with $4 charge for the cd and an included $12 shipping charge? So 4+12 = 16 for a single cd then use Ubercart Discount Coupons http://drupal.org/project/uc_coupon to change the item ( included shipping) price. Say subtract $12 or say 11 from the CD option price for anything that is 2+ cd's So you would still end up with a $12 shipping charge for the first item and a discount for more than 1 cd.