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I have Drupal 7 and the newest version of Ubercart installed. Authorize.net is our payment processer and they are not receiving the full address from the orders via the site, so all payments are being declined. Unfortunately for me, I come from a Magento background and am new to Ubercart. Has anyone else had this issue or can anyone point to any documentation for this? I've been scouring this site, but everything I'm finding seems to date back several years to different versions. Thanks in advance to anyone who can help. I'm a little bummed out since I've posted a few times on other issues in this forum and have yet to have any responses, so let me know if I'm phrasing things weird.

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Re: Authorize.net not receiving full address

Well, what do you mean not receiving the full address? I have a test account with Authorize.net and I have a set of SimpleTest test cases that run using Authorize.net, and all of those tests (which I've run hundreds of times) show the complete address in the merchant e-mail receipt as well as on the Authorize.net merchant interface. What error are you receiving?