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I've been developing sites using Drupal but it's the first time using Ubercart.

I got a few questions in mind and I would like to see how would you configure a grocery store site like this:
- Store has multiple locations, say 5
- each of these 5 stores has their own list of products
- all the products are categorized into departments (e.g drink, deli, paper, cleaning..etc)
- not all products are eligible to be added to the cart, just some of them

First question is what's the best way to configure the products to support stores and department
My current idea is to have multiple vocabularies available to be selected for each product, but i'm not sure if thats the correct way to go.

Second question is about the Catalog View.
It's easy to display a list of products using view, but it seems it's less customizable, say I would like each product to have different CSS class.
Is there any "lower level" API that retrieves a list of product objects so I can iterate on my own?

Final one is about bulk uploading function.
Is there any tools for me to upload a product list (e.g. from a spreadsheet) and have them imported in their location and department?

Appreciate all help in advanced!

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Re: Advice on configuring product taxonomies

I'm pretty sure some of that would require custom modifications especially with several locations as you wouldn't want to reproduce each product 5 times and I think you'd be panellised by google for having duplicate content. Creating location specific products would be easy as creating a new product type but you'd have to have custom code where a user selects their location, maybe a cookie is stored and then somehow have views filter out the content for the location setting by the location in the cookie?

Creating non purchasable product is easy. Just create a new content type. Then in the Catalog views you'd add the product type to the view so it would get listed in the catalog. You'd also have to set the term reference to the catalog in the content type settings for the new content type.

Never done bulk operations so can't help you there.