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I just completed a site redesign and store for a band I work with. Everything went fairly smoothly up until launch. Unfortunately, now that the store is live and orders are coming in, Ubercart is not updating the status of the order -- in fact, it's not recongizing there's even been an order at all -- and the Drupal/Ubercart system isn't sending any notifications to customers or site admins.

I'm using both Express Checkout and Website Payments Standard. I know the orders are processing correctly on PayPal's side, because the funds are available and the customers names and shipping info is all captured. However, when I navigate to Ubrercart to check the status of orders, the system acts as if it has received no orders at all. I can't find any history of an order being made. This is troubling because our merchandising manager is having to email clients to apologize because no one is being notified of orders and shipments are being sent late.

Any help would be appreciated; not sure what's going on here (I have done several Ubercart deployments, but all of these were on D6...this is my first D7 integration).