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Seems simple, but I can't find how to do it.

I would like to put a product on special offer.

I would like the original price to be displayed, next to the new special price, on the product page, so that customers can see there is a discount and how much it is.

Is there any way to do this?

Many thanks

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Here's one way: Administer

Here's one way:

Administer your product type at admin/structure/types. Click on the appropriate "Manage Display" link.

Hide or display the appropriate "List Price", "Display Price", and "Sell Price" fields. Assuming that you enter these values for each product, you'll get what you want.

Actually re-arranging the display of these prices on the page requires theming the product node page.

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Re: Display discount price next to original price on product pag

i wrote a module to do this in product node page

function custom_node_view($node, $view_mode, $langcode){

    if ($node->type == 'product' ){
  $sell_price = $node->content['sell_price']['#value'];
  $list_price = $node->content['list_price']['#value'];
  if ($list_price > $sell_price) {
$node->content['sell_price']['#attributes']['class'][] = "red-sell-price";
$node->content['list_price']['#attributes']['class'][] = "cross-list-price";
  } else {

But for views, catalog, i use preprocess_views_view_fields to do, it is much more diffcult

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Re: Re: Display discount price next to original price on product

hkvega01: where can I download this module?

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Specials catalog using Ubercart views

Hi guys,

I figured out a workaround using Ubercart views.

1) I added a Catalog taxonomy term called Specials
i.e. you will need to put the product you want labelled Specials into the special catalog
Note: you will need to create this taxonomy term manually.
2) labelled List price = Normal Price
3) Price = Special Price
4) Sorting is based on Updated date (asc).

Import the attached file into ubercart views.

This is not ideal but will work until someone can work out a better solution. Enjoy..

Feel free to change it the way you want and contribute here.

uc_specials.txt 6.03 KB