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I need to present a wishlist (product listing with checkboxes to purchase) that includes a subtotal at the bottom of the list, and once all items have been selected that a user wants, the list could be submitted much like a webform. I'm not sure of the best way to do this, but sure that Ubercart and/or its users have found a method.

Use Case: My client is a yacht brokerage. They want to provide a an online form that lists a specific boat, i.e. Catalina 425 with a base price and a list of options with prices to purchase with the boat. Any item the shopper wants could be selected by ticking a checkbox and the amount would be added to the subtotal. Once the list is completed, they could submit the form and it would behave like a webform, i.e. sent to yacht sales for followup rather than an actual online transaction.

Anyone have an idea of how this might be done, please?


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Easy To Do....

Wouldn't the standard way of doing this in attributes work? You can have situation where a customer does a "checkout", but doesn't need to pay for the "order".