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We've been using Ubercart with great success -- over 300 orders in short time. We didn't have any issues at all.

We are using Ubercart 7.x-3.10 (PayPal Website Payments Standard) and Drupal 7.56. Core and modules are all current.

On August 2 we updated to Drupal 7.56. We received an order on the 5th and it worked fine, as usual.

On August 8, our admin installed AutoSSL. The site isn't directing to SSL and we haven't configured anything (yet) to use SSL; we are still using http. So those paths haven't changed.

On August 8, orders began stalling "in checkout." The payments go through to PayPal just fine, but unless the customer clicks the "Return to Merchant" link we don't get an invoice email and the order stays "in checkout." When customers click "Return to Merchant" at PayPal, the order stays as "Pending." If they have ordered a download, the file doesn't show up in their account (most likely because the payment is still "Pending," correct?).

Any ideas on what could be causing this? Am I right to suspect that since the only thing that changed was the AutoSSL installation that it is the most likely problem?

We are also seeing the "Database 4 byte UTF-8 support" is disabled warning, but from what I gather that shouldn't affect the cart.

I have Googled and searched and tried to find answers so that I could fix this but am having no luck. I'm not a wiz at this stuff so any direction or guidance will be greatly appreciated.

Thanks a bunch!