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Hi all, I'm a serious newb to ubercart, so please be gentle. Also, quite a novice with PHP. Can anyone send me in the right module/code direction to achieve this:

I've got a client who sells various editions of books with bios in them. Part of the functionality of the web site will be to provide a product page where a user can enter their bio, pick the # of editions they want to subscribe to and then select the actual editions to be in. Two levels to the subscription aspect, I guess. I've been banging my head against this for the past 2 days and need help.

I first tried uc_node_checkout so that the user could fill out the bio form from a node I created. Easy. But I couldn't figure out how to send the CCK field with the number of editions and the resulting conditional field to pick the edition names, to the cart. Solving this method, I presume, would be the ultimate for me. How to send CCK value to the cart as a price????

Then I tried attributes, in a newly created product, for the # of editions and it worked to drive the price. Easy. But I couldn't figure out to provide the option to select the edition names they wanted to be in conditional based on the attribute chosen. In addition, the only way I could figure out to add the bio form to the product was also with uc_node_checkout, but the form would show up after they selected "add to cart".

Help!! Please!!! I'm stuck, and starting to run over on this project. Any help would be GREATLY appreciated. Just need some direction....