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I am new to drupal and ubercart

I just added some products, set up the catalog...

my product link address is like "site.com/node/5" something, while I really want it to be "site.com/tshirt/product-name", I can set the alias url, but isn't it stupid that I set alias for each of my hundreds of products?? I suppose there should be a simple way. I searched the live sites by ubercart, all are using product-name as path name, I really wonder how to do it.

The same as catalog. I want it like "site.com/tshirts/stripped/blue/" but it turns out "site.com/catalog/5".

I am using drupal 7 + ubercart 3


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Re: automatic path for drupal7+ubercart3?

You need to get the path auto module http://drupal.org/project/pathauto

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pathauto drupal

Hi i have got pathauto in my drupal, but they dont replace in link "node", sorry for my eng lang. how change in drupal 7 link "node" ?