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Please give me for Documentation or postcast how to setting flat rate when i use drupal 6 it's easy to setting but in drupal 7 I'm trying to serach how to set it but I can't find it.
I create 2 flat rate qoute.
1. When customer buy lower than 100 get 10 for shipping.
2. if customer buy greater than or equal 100 free for shipping.
And in Conditions under flat rate I don't know how to set it.I try to add "Check the order balance" but no have form to input value it has only
Balance is less than 0
Balance is less than or equal 0
Balance is equal 0
Balance is greater than 0
How to fill 100 value.

thank and sry for my bad english Sad

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Re: Somebody help me plz i can't setting flat rate in Drupal7

same problem here, I can't get it work.
I already tried all the available tutorials.

admin/store/settings/cart – make sure shipping quote is enabled in ‘cart panes’ in edit => OK
admin/store/settings/checkout – make sure calculate shipping costs is enabled in ‘checkout panes’ in edit => OK
admin/store/settings/orders – make sure that shipping quote is ticked in ‘order panes’ in edit => OK
admin/store/settings/cart/quotes/edit – tick the box for ‘prevent the customer from completing an order if the shipping quote is not selected’ => OK

Created 2 flat rate quote's...

Conditions => here I don't find the "order total price" condition.
=> I tried it already with amount of products but no success

But whatever condition I try, I don't see any line with shipping costs appear when I checkout.

Anybody who can help please???

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Re: Re: Somebody help me plz i can't setting flat rate in Drupal

same here! i want if price is like below 100$ to apply a flat rate ..and within a specified region!! for which i used http://drupal.org/project/uc_global_quote ....SO DIFFICULT to set these conditions! PLS help us!