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Recently on Ubercart.org the contrib links where changed from




This broke all existing links to contrib modules posted on the net and on this website. This needs to be resolved as it's made the forums very useless.

I would recommend this solution.

Install the path redirect module. Write a script to populate the path_redirect table with 301 redirects for all the old modules. The old URL names were simply contrib/[nid] so this should be fairly easy to do.


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Re: old /contrib/ links broken now that url friendly URLs are us

Seconding this - it's a pain in the butt - every link from within UC.org and from outside sites is broken now anytime anyone links to a contrib module.

Since it's got the node id in all the old links, it should be a simple rewrite that would at least get it handed off to Path properly and find the new alias. Global Redirect or some such would help with redirects, but the key thing is just to make sure the pages don't die

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Re: Re: old /contrib/ links broken now that url friendly URLs ar

I suggest bugging Andy about this directly - he's http://www.ubercart.org/user/5