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Currently have a client nearing Go Live with only one last issue:

They have SKUs with dashes in them, which is preventing Drupal Search from returning the SKU when users search for a partial SKU #.

Example: 18210-BR is a SKU

If I search: 18210 I don't get any results.

Example: 19210 is a SKU

If I search 1921 I get it in results (partial searches only return the node if there is no dash in the SKU)

Problem is that their customers don't know the dashes, only the primary SKU #.

Anyone know how to resolve this without using views? We know we can use a view and filter the fields, with a search box for "SKU". We need a solution using the Drupal Search Module.

Basically, "How do we include results for partial searches with a dash in the result?"

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Re: Search for SKU with dash in SKU

I am looking for this too. We have part # like 123-A and want them to show up if someone searches "123", "123A", or "123-A".